By intertwining several disciplines at the highest level of excellence (music, singing, dancing, plastic arts, litterature…), the French Lyric & Choreographic Company UP TO THE MOON creates a new BRIDGE BETWEEN ARTS exploring new daring artistic alchemies to reinvent the classic formats of shows and to touch differently a wider and enlarged audience.

Cr2017 Creation : BAROQUE DNA
Baroque undressed in PIANO-VOICE & PIANO-DANCE

ARTISTIC STATEMENT : baring Baroque music in piano, singing and dancing, to reveal all the modernity of its melodic DNA and to embody its perpetual motion. Body & soul.

FOR THE 1ST TIME : a double contemporary reinvention, both musical and choreographic sung and danced by a same artist, reinterpreted by a great concerto pianist and a prestigious choreographer.

A MODERN HUMAN TALE : a journey undressing human soul in its shadows and lights, in 3 chapters ( Light, Shadow and Night) and in 21 pieces, like the 21 grams of soul’s weight, like 21 universal and timeless emotions.

IN DETAILS : a lyric and choreographic recital of 1h15mn, exploring piano-voice set in motions and piano-dance, relating with the same minor mode 9 major composers (Bach, Haendel, Purcell, Porpora, Duphly, Rameau, Vivaldi…), 4 countries and 5 languages, in a chic, modern and meaningful set design.

SINGING & DANCING :  Théophile ALEXANDRE, a young countertenor and contemporary dancer, performing on the most beautiful international stages (Paris Philharmonie, New York Lincoln Center, Versailles Opera, Venice Fenice, Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Ottawa Opera, Bern Opera and all French Operas and Theaters…) and considered as ONE OF THE FEW ARTISTS IN THE WORLD to perform both singing and dancing at this level of excellence, through his collaboration with prestigious conductors (Malgoire, Garrido, Christie, d’Hérin, Grapperon, associated conductor of Equilbey…) and famous choreographers (Gallotta, Scozzi, Pina Bausch Company, Montalvo-Hervieu…). 

PIANO : Guillaume VINCENT, ADAMI & French Classic Music Awards’ revelation, performing in Carnegie Hall, Tokyo Suntory Hall, London Barbican Hall, Pleyel, Gaveau…

Choreography : Jean-Claude GALLOTTA // Scenography : Pierre-André WEITZ


Worldwide PREMIERE in Oct 17 at the Volcan, National Scene of Le Havre

ON TOUR for the seasons 17/18 & 18/19, with ACCÈS CONCERT & BÉATRICE ADNOT PRODUCTIONS
CONTACT : Fanny Prevet / et Béatrice Adnot /


Bach, Haendel, Vivaldi, Purcell, Rameau… Like never heard or seen them before… Discover the OFFICIAL TRAILER of BAROQUE DNA, shot in Le Volcan.


Singing & dancing : Theophile Alexandre
Piano : Guillaume Vincent
Choreography : Jean-Claude Gallotta
Staging : Pierre-André Weitz
Art Direction : Emmanuel Greze-Masurel
Video : Manon Gicquel
Production : Cie UP TO THE MOON

What French Opera Directors say about it

“Baroque DNA reinvents the classic format of recital with a great deal of modernity, delicacy and exquisite musicality”

Alain MERCIER, Director of the LIMOGES OPERA

“Theophile Alexandre is an exceptional artist, outside the norm, both outstanding countertenor and magnificent dancer, mad about Baroque Music and pursuing the same dream as the contemporaries of Louis the 14th, the French Sun King, to intertwin singing and dancing.
Well, Theophile delivers this astonishing performance in his piano-voice and piano-dance recital : BAROQUE DNA. A show that will be created the 13th of October at Le Volcan, mixing baroque masterpieces with Jean-Claude Gallotta’s dance, with a light yet modern staging and designed for a large audience’

Jean-François DRIANT, Director of LE VOLCAN, national scene of le Havre


Discover excerpts of BAROQUE DNA WORLDWIDE PREMIÈRE in Le VOLCAN, Le Havre National Theater and co-producer of the show,  the 13th of October 2017 (SOLD-OUT) as their season grand opening.

With only a piano, a voice, a body,
undress the shadows and lights of Human soul…

The power : Sarò qual vento / Haendel

The anger : Gemo in un punto / Vivaldi

The celebration : Strike the viol / Purcell

The torments : Agitata infido flatu / Vivaldi

The recklessness : Les sauvages / Rameau

Once upon Baroque… 3D opening movie


Discover some piano-voice excerpts of the BAROQUE DNA Avant-première in Limoges Opera, in November 16 : Théophile was performing along with David Abramovitz at the piano and in duet with the soprano Marion Tassou



More excerpts on the youtube channel


Discover the behind the scenes VIDEOS of the creation of BAROQUE DNA:

〉 The INTERVIEW of Théophile Alexandre & Jean-Claude Gallotta on embodying Baroque perpetual motion in contemporary dance
〉The rehearsals of the PIANO-VOICE at the SINGER-POLIGNAC Foundation with Guillaume Vincent
〉The creation of the PIANO-DANCE choreographies in the Studios of CHAILLOT with Jean-Claude Gallotta